The Hospital Group


The Hospital Group are one of the largest cosmetic surgery groups in Europe, with over 25 clinics and hospitals in the UK.

case-study-post-imgThe Hospital Group were looking for a new way to develop a strong online presence to market their promotional offers on cosmetic surgery procedures. The brand we created for them needed to have a separate identity from their existing marketing and allow them to stand out in an already crowded marketplace.

Within 3 weeks One Vision Health had designed, developed and launched a website that went on to achieve first page Google rankings for their search terms, exceeding the 6 month target. The website continues to perform well for keywords relating to low cost weight loss surgery and is averaging over 6,000 visitors a month.

We also built and branded a separate YouTube channel to showcase the 35 videos we have created for the Hospital Group over the last 2 years.  These films formed the cornerstone of our social media campaign for the client and have amassed almost 1 million views on YouTube as well as gaining coverage across 65 social media, bookmarking and podcasting sites and directories.

The Marketing Program consisted of:


One Vision Health produced a series of videos for The Hospital Group, which have been used on a number of websites. In addition, they also created a couple of websites for The Hospital Group to support the Group's expansion. The One Vision team were thorough and professional, but still great value, enabling us to achieve more impact with a limited budget. imges
Andrea Calloway, Group Marketing Manager, The Hospital Group

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