Double your enquiries with Answerpack

Youtube might be the obvious solution for any healthcare organisation looking to promote their business using video marketing. It’s free and relatively quick to set up and once you’ve got the hang of uploading your video you’re half way there. But there is a disadvantage: placing all your quality content on Youtube will mean driving traffic to Youtube rather than your own website.

Answerpack is an online video platform designed to help increase web rankings and generate new leads through expert-led video education. Answerpack is embedded directly on to your existing website which means you’ll benefit from users being on your site. Research has shown that the longer a patient spends on a consultant’s website, the more likely they are to book an appointment.

75% of people in the UK go online for health information and medical advice but this information doesn’t always come from trusted sources. It is unsurprising then that 84% of people said they found conflicting information leaving them confused and anxious. There is a need more than ever, for trusted information from medically trained individuals. With Answerpack, all video content is delivered by your own consultants who share valuable insights on treatments and procedures.

Click-through rates from Youtube to websites is relatively poor, so you’ll only really benefit if your video happens to go viral. With Answerpack there is no need for videos to go viral before help to generate new business. All your videos can be organised by topic and categorised so patients can find the information they are looking for with more ease. The channel can be designed to match your brand, which allows the user a more consistent and enjoyable viewing experience. Transcriptions can be added which can help crawlers read and find your content. More importantly, there is no conflicting content, or competitor ads which pop up, luring your potential patients away.

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Double your enquiries with Answerpack

Double your enquiries with Answerpack

Sam Beavan

Article by Sam

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