Promotional Web Videos for Healthcare

Promotional Web Videos for Healthcare

We help you generate leads from video

Answerpack Web TV offers a simple solution for clinics looking to increase their enquiries through short form video education delivered by their very own experts.

Answerpack FAQ'S

The benefits

Build trust

Build trust by appearing personal and authoritative users will engage with you and your message.

Increase visibility

50X More likely to appear in Google’s first page if you have video – means patients will find you more easily!

Get social

Social media friendly. Video is the most shared form of online content.

Answerpack vs YouTube

  Youtube Answerpack Video
Branded video player to match clients website colours and style image image
Lead generation capture forms (to increase website enquiries) image image
Clickable question buttons for short form educational content image image
Onsite Video SEO: video metadata will be indexed as part of your website increasing website rankings and performance image image
Maximum number of videos that can be added to a single page 25 150+
Ability to add video catergories image image
Ability to add transcriptions image image
Ability to add clinicians / contributor profile text and photos image image
Ability to add catergory and video thumbnail images image image
Full content management of all content image image
Syndication friendly MRSS feed image image
Optimised interface for mobile users image image
Ability to share video AND clickable FAQ questions via Facebook image image
Filter results via catergory defined by client: i.e treatments, aftercare etc image image

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